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My name is Jaspreet chahal and I am a lead analyst web programmer with one of the reputable companies based in Melbourne Australia. I also run my blog which you can visit by directing your browser to this url. I am author of various software tools and wordpress plugins and majority of them are available for free ranging from jQuery plugins to wordpress plugins and others.

Why I wrote this service
I am not going to deliver any false statements here. To be honest I only had 87 followers to start with, people who really care for what I have to say. But then as a social experiment and having this service in mind, I bought 5000 followers. Those were delivered within 24 hours. So many of them in one day. Now that, I have the required followers I can experiment with, I started writing this service because I did not want to block them one by one, that would have drove me insane. Thats how was born in August 2012.

Why should you use this service
Well! In my humble opinion 100 good followers that could be your friends, acquaintance or family etc are better than 10,000 fake ones that don't really add any value. Decision is yours in the end.

Why this service is free to upto few 10s of thousands followers only
Well! To process 10000 it takes a while and if I start doing this for people with million of followers, I will loose my pocket in under a day. In other words I can't bear that cost. But to help me out a small donation is appreciated.

I hope that you will enjoy my personalized service. Let me know how this service can be improved and I will work on your feature request if I like it.

Jaspreet Chahal
Lead Developer